We are Xtreme-ly excited about what's to come!

We are Xtreme-ly excited about what's to come!

Good morning to our Xtreme friends and family! It seems like the weather may have taken a turn for the better, eh? This sounds like we should be able to have OUTSIDE PRACTICES again soon. How exciting!

Our Spring Points Contest has begun! Our Points contests will run seasonally, year-round, and give students opportunities to earn exciting prizes and karate gear. The top prize for this contest that ends June 25th is a full set of sparring gear, a full comp uniform, AND a free month of Summer Camp! That's over an $800 value for our points winner! With the Points contest has also come one of our families new favorite Xtreme items, CHORE CHARTS! On the first class of each week, turn in your completed chore charts signed off by your guardian and earn 10 points in the contest!

Now, the biggest dojo goal at the moment is to get new Swain exercise mats! These mats are top of the line and some of the best in the market. Not only will they spiff up our dojo, but they will take our Xtreme training to the next level with superior grip & comfort for many years to come.

How are we going to get Swain mats? FUNDRAISING! We have our Joe Corbi's fundraiser running through May 7th. Stop by/call the studio or place your order with your favorite Xtreme student! Every 10 items sold is 10 points in our contest, and the top seller (35+ items) will get 65 points! You also can win cool prizes from their prize catalog for what you sell, as well.

Happy Thursday!

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