We will be beginning our Distance Learning Camp on March 1st. We have limited spaces and will only be able to accept 10 students for now due to Covid restrictions, but we are hoping to be able to increase that as things begin to look up. If you are interested you can email us, text us, or give us a call at the Dojo. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

April 5th-9th, 2021

Hi Families! Our Xtreme family started this Easter week enjoying the sunshine and blessings that Spring brings. We hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday and that everyone is refreshed and renewed; Ready for Training! We are working on our summer schedule and our Summer Camp field trips. Women's Kickboxing and Self-Defense classes are ramping up and the warmer it gets, the fuller classes get. Come Check it out! As always Juniors, Little Dragons, Little Ninjas and Teens and Adults are all meeting at their regularly scheduled time slots! We're planning a few fun family nights in the upcoming months, keep your eyes peeled for more information!


Mother's day is coming, Send us pictures of your Martial Arts Moms in action! Even the smallest actions of support and encouragement captured in time for us to celebrate! Send 'em in, Let us showcase your Martial Arts Moms for Mother's Day!


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