March 2021

Good day Xtreme Families. Just wanted to catch you up on the goings-on at the dojo! As many of you know, 2020 was a rough year for many of our families and for the dojo. We took the time we were down to spruce up the dojo, do some much needed cleaning, sanitizing and organizing, and we took the time to work on our curriculum. We are happy to say that for 2021, we are fresh and excited about this upcoming year. The month of March has already been very good to us. Since the beginning of March we have increased our memberships by 80%! This is big and promising news for Xtreme Mpact Martial Arts. We look forward to the day things are back to somewhat normality and we can all be back in the dojo together. With our current momentum, we hope to expand even more in the coming months. Keep a look out for fun events, Spring Break Camp and Early registration for our Summer Camp!

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