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  • Pressing Foward

    Pressing Foward

    What is respect? this is a good question. Webster Dictionary decsribes respect as a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements: When I think of a Black Belt. I see the years of hard training and sacrifice, that one has given. The honing of ones skills to is art, the mastery. Respect is not something that is giving, it's earned.! ....

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  • Daily Post

    Working Harder on myself to provide better service for my business ....

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  • 90 - Day Challenge

    90 - Day Challenge

    Are you ready to start the year off strong?

    What you need to know:

    Need a group of at least 5
    You will be competing for a prize!
    Registration begins December 31st, 2019 Request information to the right and we'll be in touch to tell you about Kickboxing Challenge we are offering!

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  • Operation "ThanksGiving"

    Operation "ThanksGiving"

    Preparing for our annual Thanksgiving Basket "Giving" this is where we provide families in our Community Thanksgiving Baskets, with help from Bridgeway Community Church and Transformation Gym. and lets not forget the Parents of Xtremempact!. ....

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  • Join Xtreme Mpact For Our Woman's Self Defense Classes

    Join Xtreme Mpact For Our Woman's Self Defense Classes

    We are equipping the women of Odenton with the tools they need to protect themselves and their loved ones. Join us on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for one hour sessions where you will learn techniques taught by experienced Black Belt instructors. We promise each session to be held in an encouraging and safe atmosphere. Sign up today! ....

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  • Join Us For Our Harvest Party

    Join Us For Our Harvest Party

    Join us for our Harvest Party on October 26th. Time: 4:30-7PM Where: 1701 Midway Rd. Suite C, Odenton, Maryland 21113 There will be games, food, facepainting and even a video game truck! Costumes are welcome! Join the fun! ....

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  • My Studio

    Hello to all my parents and customers we are moving into a new direction with "My Studio" with this App you will be able to manage your on account , download the "App my studio" ....

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    We will be moving to a new location by July 1st. The new address is at 1701 Midway Road, Odenton MD, 21113. It is just off of MD 170 (Telegraph Road) ....

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