Hi families! As we continue to plan for the future of Xtreme Mpact, we have been considering options for the new school year. As Anne Arundel County public schools will be 100% virtual learning, we have considered doing a Day Camp program. We will, naturally, have to follow guidelines and limit the amount of students we can have inside of the dojo at a given time, and so we are reaching out to our families and trying to gauge interest. If you would be interested, please let us know. For our Day camp, we would be offering several options ranging from 1 to 5 days a week, and also 2 or 3 days of half-day sessions. Half day sessions will also have two options available. We will be putting out more information in regards to the program in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work on improving Xtreme Mpact! We can be reached through email, phone, text, and mystudio!

Odenton Kickboxing Fitness Classes

Beginner Kickboxing Fitness Classes Enrolling In September

Using the techniques of Muay Thai Kickboxing, as well as fitness bags and hand-to-hand focus pads, you’ll learn a mixture of high-intensity strikes and kicks that will condition your entire body from head to toe at Xtreme Mpact Martial Arts.

This warm and friendly program combines kickboxing, karate and practical self defense. It’s an exceptional class that will give you a newfound confidence, PLUS transform your body into amazing shape.

The Benefits are Endless!

We've gone out of our way to put together a Kickboxing Fitness program that's second-to-none. With each new class, you'll burn as many as 800 calories for superfast weight loss that you can't get by just going to the gym and doing a few reps. What's more, you'll enjoy dozens of added benefits, too. Here are just a few:

  • Unwanted weight will disappear in a flash, revealing gorgeous muscle tone
  • You'll learn critical self-defense moves, boosting your self-confidence
  • Your ability to focus and concentrate will skyrocket
  • Your stress levels will plummet
  • You'll turn back the clock and look young, fit and healthy

Get into the best Physical and Mental shape of Your Life!

Trade in your treadmill, ab machine, and weight bench! Because when you need to whip your body into excellent shape, nothing gets you fitter faster than Kickboxing Fitness!

If you’re ready to trust a team of highly-qualified instructors that will support and encourage you to reach your goals, then FIND OUT MORE! You will not only gain the confidence that comes with knowing how to protect yourself but gain so much MORE!

Kickboxing Odenton

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Benefits of Kickboxing Fitness

  • Reduced stress and added energy
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • A slender back and chest
  • Well-shaped legs, glutes and thighs
  • Plus, an UNSTOPPABLE energy that gets you through a hectic day

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