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Beginner After School Program Classes Enrolling In December

students in after school program  in Odenton - Xtreme Mpact Martial Arts

Our After School Program here at Xtreme Mpact Martial Arts is a wonderful choice for busy parents! We provide dependable, safe transportation each afternoon from your child’s school to our facility, and ensure that homework is started.

After changing into their karate uniform, your child will also receive a full karate class prior to dismissal at 6 PM. Our program runs from the first day of the school year to the last, so there is no need to worry about a back-to-school transition!

Our after school program is geared to help your children succeed. Homework is first priority as they arrive from school.

We understand that a child's education is their primary job. After homework, it's on to their karate class, where they can refresh their minds and bodies.

To promote a child's overall well-being and growth, we also work with the kids on building their character by focusing on a trait each week like integrity, responsibility, and perseverance. We are committed to teaching our children how to become successful adults.

Hours: From after school to 6:00pm

(Late fees apply for children left in the dojo after 6 PM.)

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